Stained Glass Moon Phase set

Stained Glass Moon Phase set

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This beautiful iridescent stained glass goddess moon phases and moon crescent are a magical additional to the home. This set includes a goddess moon phase with a glass crystal, goddess moon phase, and a moon crescent.
The stained glass changes colours and effect depending on light. This piece is designed and made by me.

-Includes two stained glass moon phases and one moon crescent

-Mixture of iridescent and white glass was used for the creations on display

-Various stained glass colours available
-Primary and secondary colour choices are for moon phases, please note which stained glass colour preference for moon crescent

-Copper and black patine available

-Iridizes with the light/sun

-Golden hanging chain

-I love working with different stained glass colours/effects so please let me know if you want a specific colour/ glass effect

-Dimensions: approximately 8-12" in length each

When creating our pieces we carefully select premium glass, cut it, copper foil, solder, then apply patina. Each piece is made by hand therefore making each piece unique to its owner. When creating our stained glass, we put an equal amount of time, effort, and love into every piece to deliver products with quality and beauty to our clients.